What is an Adonis Alpha Men?

Girl Who Loves Adonis AlphaThe tale began as Smyrna, the daughter of the king of Assyria, conceived a baby by him through the trickery. When the king found out he set out to kill the daughter and put an end to the madness. However, the gods intervened and helped the Smyrna. They changed the pregnant woman into a tree and nine months later a child was born out of a tree. His name was Adonis. The beauty of the young Adonis won her heart (or possibly because she was struck by the arrow of Eros). Aphrodite took in Adonis as a newly born. She then entrusted the child to Persephone. Enchanted by the child’s beauty herself, the daughter of Zeus, Persephone, refused to return Adonis to Aphrodite. The two goddess turned to war over the majestic, enchanting and beautiful child. The dispute ended when Zeus determined that Adonis would stay the one-third of a year with each of goddess and would spend the rest of the time wherever he chose.

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Adonis was half man and half god i.e. a demigod. In Greek myths and religions, Adonis has been portrayed as the ultimate in male beauty. His beautiful body is termed as the most beautiful masculine body ever achievable by man. According to Greek mythology, the many were jealous of Adonis as his beauty and majestic appeal won the actual love of the Aphrodite the goddess of the love and beauty.

It is even believed, yet no sure, that he was killed by Aphrodite’s lover, Ares as he was jealous of the love of Aphrodite for Adonis.

Adonis Complex:

Over the years the tales of Adonis’ body have turned into a complex. The modern day has coined the term Adonis Complex’ which is used to describe body image problems that have become a big issue for the modern day men. It is not a medical term or medical problem but is a psychological issue.

It is a complex prevalent in kids and men alike. The main reason for its widespread today is the portrayal of abnormal men’s fitness in the form of fitness models on all kinds of media alike.

With everyone pointing fingers at even an expanding waistline, the complex has spread and formed deep roots in our society.

The problem has increased today as even women fail to find men attractive due to the Adonis complex and idealize men with perfect bodies. This has even caused relationships to fail as over time the love fades away and looks start to matter.

As far as the perfect body goes, in reality, there is no such thing as The Adonis Alpha. It’s all in our heads. No one should be judged or loved based on their look alone. It is well said “looks can be deceiving” and this statement has stood the test of time. The masculine beauty displayed on television is not something natural rather it’s a part of their job. Those men have to look perfect.

So stop worrying about your body. You are perfect just the way you are and everyone should respect it.

One? It’s Just Enough!

Double Orgasms for MenI am not talking about how many rounds you can go, we both know that sometimes these rounds have intervals of more than half an hour as they grow less interesting with each round. Let us talk about you having a multiple orgasm, yes, a male multiple orgasm but if it makes you feel better, being able to cum twice in a row. Sounds interesting right, in fact you get to cum more than once without having to nag her in the middle of her after-sex-sleep about your bulging pants.

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If you are lucky enough to have a challenging woman, you won’t have to worry about getting tired and she passing by your best friend to talk about ‘best cucumber-selling store’s‘ in your neighborhood. However, like a good pussy, multiple orgasms are hard to have and need lots of training, something you will not find on your typical anime hentai collection.

First, you need to understand your ‘nut habits’. Is it when she clenches her muscles or when she grabs on your skin or simply after that long fast humping? This helps you identify your plateau phase of sexual cycle, whereby, you are at the peak of your excitement and the only thing left is to let those babies but please do not. In fact, pull out keep them in, enjoy your view and try to convince them that this world is not a place to rush into. Being able to restrain yourself from splashing too soon actually keeps you excited for a longer period, and postponing it creates a female like orgasms; continuous cumming.

Secondly, controlling your nut job can only be achieved by mastering your PC muscles. Why is it that you can not pee while cumming? When one attains control of these, you can allow yourself cum, then actually control the flow of semen and sustain more positions and styles with at least blessing your partner with a few juices at each point. Your pull-out game should be strong if you intent to achieve such. The trick is making sure you have a hard-time even after you just came and be ready to go on without her getting on her knees. Thirdly, is your mindset. Do you believe in quantity sex or quality sex? The latter will actually allow you to actually pick a partner who gives you a boner just by her looks, develop an encounter that is more sensual and emotional attaching. C’mon, no one goes for a round two on a girl he barely likes, not by want of reason but we’ll, there are hard times; we have been there. Setting the right mood, getting yourself relaxed and comfortable will actually enable you to be in a better position to achieve multiple orgasms. Imagine she told you that her cookie jar only serves a cookie at a time, you have to find a way to actually pick the best by staying in once in, hit all corners and spots and cum out with the best. You do not actually need to got 3 rounds, sometimes just one round is enough!

How Important is Sexuality in a Relationship

sexy adult woman with underwear

image of a sexy adult woman with underwear in a provocative attitude

There has been a lot of talk recently about the role of sexuality in a relationship. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation like this; you are dating a woman, and things are going well. She’s fantastic to look at, and you are enjoying the fun times. One day, you wake up and notice that she’s not doing it for you anymore. The attraction has faded, and you are left with someone who is a bit of a stranger.

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How does this happen, and how do we prevent it?

We understand that there are several types of attraction. There is the physical part, which everyone knows. That tends to fade over time, no matter how good looking a woman can be.

For a man, I think it is little bit complicated. We are born to be problem solvers. So we look at what we don’t like about us and try to fix it. Unfortunately, a bit of that thinking leaks over into our relationships. It can be a bad thing, but know this – physical attraction can be re-sparked, and it’s a wonderful thing when it does.

Now, let’s look at the other components of sexuality. The next part has to do with physical closeness. A close companion to the first part, it has to do with exciting our sense of touch.

Have you ever been with a woman who merely had to touch you to get you excited? It can be thrilling. The touch says she wants you, is attracted to you, and later on loves you. It’s a reassuring feeling, and serves to deepen our caring about the other person.

The next part is little bit more complicated especially if you are dealing with low sperm count or a small dick. It has to do with our competence. In any relationship, you will have some sort of balance between the aspects each person brings forward. In general, you have people of the same ‘caliber’ attracted to each other. It’s a matter of what is important to them – intelligence, physical prowess and social skills.

A celebrity couple is a good example of how this works. Both sides have confidence in their own right, due to their stardom. The average guy off the streets would be massively intimidated. Not so with each other, so the fit is natural. This is the least influential quality I believe. Some celebrities are more grounded, and some people just don’t care or aren’t intimidated by the whole thing..

After that you have mutual liking. This is easier – if a person likes you, odds are you’ll like them, at least more than if they were apathetic towards you. One superfluous is neediness – this will cause the opposite effect.

The last part is the approval effect you have towards the other person. This can be confusing. Take a look at how you approve someone in a relationship. You might have similar likes, but you might behave in opposing manners and vice versa. It’s how you work together as a whole, but make sure she at least provides you with how to milk a prostate.

It is important to share your similarities and differences to have a super relationship.

Ultimate Techniques on How to Make a Girl Squirt

How to Finger a GirlHey, dude!

Words can’t even explain how much freaking stoked I am to share this epic news with you. Are you holding keys to an ultimate and incredible pleasure? If you are like me, I bet the answer must be, YEAH! I WANT TO MASTER THAT STUFF….

To be honest with you guys, nothing else can evoke their emotions than earning positive remarks from their fiancées chiefly, when it comes to the world of pleasure. Beyond all the pleasures of a woman, there is always a sweet paradise that crowns everything.

Have you ever heard of female squirting (the thing that most guys think that women are peeing on them)? That is not peeing really but it is a female ejaculation once she lands at maximum pleasure. Admittedly, it is my excitement when I do receive hot messages every hour my fiancée leaves my home…”Hi, Sexy! I have never had such incredible orgasm like that before…it turned me crazy. Anyway sorry for the bed sheets…Ahaa!!

You see! (Actually, don’t mind about the thought). Let us be honest once again. Why are women squirting play a big part in all ways of pleasure? Why it is so important to them, and why it so hot anyway? Therefore my endeavor in this article is to explore you through some perky, spicy and sizzled techniques that every man is craving to master. Let’s dig in and see.


Orgasm is obtained actually when a woman obtains maximum pleasure. Generally, women have two types of orgasm, unlike men who have one (sucks I think). Clitoral and vaginal orgasms are the two common orgasms for women.

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral orgasm happens to be most common among women. This is the most sensitive part in women as it is supplied with a number of nerve endings. The orgasm, in this case, is reached by masturbation directly by the finger. It can also be done orally.

Vaginal orgasm

This is an orgasm that is obtained from inside the vagina from the g-spot. This is another kind of female orgasm that can infuse the whole body of a woman with untamed feelings.

Step by step technique on how to finger a woman until she squirts:

Clitoral technique

This is a big stuff dude, grab a cup of tea and take note.

As said early, clitoral is the most sensitive body part of a woman. If well stimulated, it will make a woman squirt within seconds. Here it goes;

• If you want to maximize the pleasure, lube your hand first before you plunge. This lubricates the hand hence perfect stimulation.

• One way to the point, locate the position of the clit slightly above the vagina. Start rubbing it slowly (ups, downs, side to side) and gradually increase the speed of your finger as the orgasm increases. If she asks to do it, don’t panic. Your aim is to make her squirt. Finally, if well done, somebody will ejaculate juicy fluids of love.

G-spot technique

• Lube up first.

• Get your hands ready that is, make sure you look after your hands. Cut the nails and make it clean because we all know the vagina is the most sensitive body part of a woman.

• Locate the g-spot. This is the urethral sponge part about 1-2 inches deep the vagina.

• Finger the g-spot until the girl gets aroused and soon her g-spot will swell up. This is an indicator that she is about to squirt. Start with the first finger always.

Final thought

If you apply the technique above, the magic will happen. A special ejaculation may come from her genitals. Although she may feel embarrassed, that is a major ego to boost.

Wondering How to Get a Big Dick? Here Are Some Exercises That Will Help You Achieve It

Grow a Big Penis NaturallyIf you’re thinking about the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to get a big dick, you have come to the right place. Because that way is through exercise. Remember your dick is a muscle and all muscles can be made bigger and stronger through exercise. Below are the best exercises to build a big dick with guaranteed results.

The PC Flex
One of the most fundamental ways to get a big dick is through a technique known as the PC Flex. Not only will this exercise give you a bigger dick, it will also help you achieve better, longer-lasting erections. The PC Flex is a very simple exercise that you can perform anywhere. The PC muscle is the muscle that’s involved with the act of urination. When you squeeze your PC muscle, you will feel your anus tightening. Exercising this muscle increases blood to the dick and the more often you do this, then your dick will grow in length and girth to accommodate this change in behavior. To start with, perform this exercise for up to five minutes at a time. As you get more confident you can do extend these exercises to 30 minutes or more.

The ‘Okay’ Grip
We’re going to call this exercise the ‘Okay’ grip because it involves making the ‘Okay’ sign with your thumb and finger and encircling the head of your dick with it. Stretch you dick and hold it in that position for between 10 and 15 seconds, varying the direction in which you stretch it, i.e. left, right, up and down. Massage between each repetition to ensure blood flow to the dick.

Becoming aroused during the exercise will assist in the widening process. Use the ‘Okay’ grip around the base of your dick and concentrate on pushing the blood up to the head of the dick, then repeat the exercise with your other hand. Do this around 20 to 30 times for the first few days before doubling the frequency. Continue to increase the frequency every week or so until you reach 200 repetitions per exercise session.

Do these exercises for at least five days per week and at least ten minutes per day and you should notice a significant increase in the size of your dick in a short period? Obviously this is not an overnight solution for a small dick, but consistency, as well as persistence should bring about excellent results.

The Length Extender
The final exercise we will look at is called the Length Extender. This exercise stretches the erectile tissue surrounding the dick and encourages dick growth. You’ll see most of the benefits in length, rather than width. More importantly, this exercise is much safer than using weights for getting a bigger dick.

It’s best to do this method while sitting on the edge of a chair or couch. Take a firm grip of the head of your dick with one hand and start pulling directly in front of you with enough force to feel a good stretch, but not to cause you any pain. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for up to 10 times, increasing the intensity of the stretch each time.

Afterwards, it’s a good idea to slap your dick against your leg to get the blood flowing. This enables nutrients to flow into the dick and start the cell building process. Next take a tight grip on your dick again and this time rotate it in a circular motion to the left repetitively, and then to the right. You should repeat this at least five times for the best results.

Best Foods to Make Your Semen Taste Sweeter

sperm-taste-956480_640A little salty. Bitter. Slightly sweet. Quite delicious. Utterly disgusting. No, these descriptions aren’t the reactions for food. In fact, it is how women and men describe the taste of their semen. But how does semen taste and what foods can you take to help improve its taste?
The taste of semen is slightly warm and salty. Some people describe it as tasteless while others may describe it as sweet. Semen of some men could be excessively salty while in the case of others, the liquid may be bitter (Read: How to Have a Yummy Jizz She Will Never Forget). Here are some foods to improve the taste of your semen.

• Water

While this may not be solid food, water is crucial for a sweet tasting semen. The seminal fluid is mostly comprised of water, and when you do not have enough of this liquid, your semen may not taste good. Ensure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. It will remove the toxins in the body and also make your semen taste a lot better.

• Cinnamon and pineapple juice

Cinnamon is particularly recommended to change semen taste. So, incorporate this into your diet daily. Another food which is considered a sweetener is pineapple juice. This juice is believed to improve semen taste as well as its smell. So, do not forget to add pineapple juice to your diet.

• Foods high in sugars

Other foods that act as sweeteners include parsley, wheatgrass, lemon, and peppermint. Essentially, if you add foods which are high in natural sugars, your semen is likely going to taste sweeter. So, include kiwis, plums, blueberries as well as cranberries in your diet.

The Following are Some Foods to Avoid

• Caffeine

If you drink way too much caffeine, it will definitely affect your semen taste. Remember that the taste of your semen is slightly salty, however, whatever you put in your body may affect it temporarily taste and make it bitter or sweet. Caffeine isn’t going to make your semen taste sweet. It can only make it taste bitter. Avoid drinking caffeine before your next sexual encounter and see the difference.

• Red meat

A lot of people is believed that eating red meat makes semen taste much saltier than it really is. This is possibly why the semen of men who are vegetarians is considered to be tastier than men who commonly eat various non-vegetarian foods. Avoid eating red meat and go for fish instead which is packed with all the essential fatty acid your semen needs and may improve the taste as well.
Dairy products are known to increase saltiness of semen. Make sure you avoid it if you intend to build up a tastier semen for before your next sexual encounter.

Also, a healthy body will most likely produce a sweet-tasting semen as opposed to a diseased body. Go for a thorough medical evaluation and get treated for all diagnosed or undiagnosed illnesses you may suffer. If you are on medications, it may also make the semen taste bitter. You surely can’t compromise your health just to improve the sweetness of your semen by discontinuing the medications. However, it is possible to incorporate some foods that may also help reduce the sour taste in semen.

Top Moves for Orally Attending the Ladies

lick-pussy-1206796_640Everyone is an expert in going down on a girl right? All your buddies know all the moves? Get real! Nobody knows them all. I won’t try to make that claim. However, collectively, as a team, we have amassed a plethora of techniques that give each of us our own licking edge in the bedroom. While not every guy can perform every move and not every girl will enjoy every attempt on proven and effective techniques to exist. Let’s examine.

1. Start up smoothly
– Once you have the Flesh Food in your face, you can’t just dive in like an unsophisticated neanderthal into buffet, munching and chomping on every bit you can get in your mouth. Instead, try starting away from the vagina and work your way up from her knee along her thigh. If it’s dark, let her know you’re coming with your lips and tongue.

2. Warm her up
– Once you slide into home plate face first, use the heat of your lips to let her know how close you are to her outer lips. She’ll basically be begging for your tongue by the time you open your mouth. If she’s gripping your hair by now, you’re off to a good start. Whatever it is about the outer lips, it’s great for getting her randy and ready. Your hands along her thighs might help her out as well.

3. Focus
– Don’t just smack your lips and tongue around wildly, there are certain areas you should be focusing on. First and foremost, the clitoris. Just to the north and can look like a little pink pea or button or just a spot, it’s where most of her neural endings are packed. Using your tongue in different rhythms can help you locate what she likes best. Furthermore, applying suction power like the manly vagina vacuum you are will heighten her sensation.

4. The fingers! Don’t forget the fingers!
– When using your mouth, did you forget you have fingers? Don’t! They’re great for accessing the inner and outer of her vaginal opening while your mouth and tongue focus on her clitoris. Then, mix it up between them, use your mouth on her vagina and fingers on her clitoris and vice-versa. Keep her happy with a good focus on each.

5. The Big Three
– Let’s face it, there are three big areas you should be working on while working on your lady: the clitoris, the lips, and the vaginal opening. If you can stay in this area, the Pink Triangle, you will most likely get the job done. A good way to make sure you keep hitting them all, spell the ABC’s with your tongue.


Now, not everyone will have the same results, since subjectivity is involved, but these techniques should get you in the right direction. Some people will just never be able to please. Maybe you don’t know where a clitoris is, or what it is. Or it’s possible some may not have the correct rhythm or pressure. Some dummy may not know his ABC’s. Or perhaps she just doesn’t like that raspy cat’s tongue that you are digging into her with. Whatever it is, no one is perfect, the lesbians will always be the best at it, and there is always room for improvement. Practice makes perfect!

Reasons As To Why Women Love A Full Load

big-load-1140720_640Both men and ladies have their inclinations and expectations from their partners with regards to having sex. Normally, men love to give their partners a full load of semen after a compelling intercourse session. Ladies also cherish a treat of a full load as an embodiment of affection and satisfaction that makes the lovemaking much all the more pleasing and exceptional.

A woman who is in profound relationship with her man will hope to please her partner in each conceivable way. A woman who is in profound adoration with her man will care for substantially more than simply having an intercourse. They will care for each and every aspect of their relationship. A brimming with semen makes a woman feel special as they treat a full load as an indication of profound adoration. Also, ladies treat full load to be an indication of richness of their men. On top of that, orgasm is a standout amongst the most exceptional encounters that one can have. A full load of semen from the partners makes the orgasm much more enjoyable and special.

To them, the inclination is the most intimate part of lovemaking. Taking the partner’s semen profound inside can be such a beautiful sensation, to the point that a woman can encounter. The more semen a man will ejaculate inside, the more sensation a woman will get. The inclination is such that a part of the partner is going inside. The inclination is to a great degree heavenly. Thus, there is no big surprise why ladies incline toward a major load inside them!

A full load of semen is the what tops off an already good thing after a great lovemaking session. The ideal culmination that an extreme sex can have is a full load of warm semen that will satisfy the woman and make her vibe satisfied. A low semen tally can make a woman feel deficient even after a romantic intercourse. Additionally, ladies adore the wet and hot sentiment their partner’s penis and crave for the minute amid intercourse.

Ladies also have their own particular fantasy. With the rise and spread of porn, fantasy creates among individuals regarding their sexual expectation from their partners. Normally, men are more attributed to having fantasy from their partners. Be that as it may, ladies do have their own. Almost every porn closes with a person shooting enormous loads on their partner. Subsequently, porn shapes up the expectation of a woman who is habituated to watching porn. Also, the amount of ejaculation is also seen as an indication of masculinity. Ladies also see a full load as an indication of great exertion with penis massage. A full load will make them feel like they made a great showing with regards to of making their men energized and aroused amid sensual caress. A spill of semen can be a major frustration for ladies as they may feel that all their endeavors went in vain. Not each woman has the same inclinations and loving with regards to full semen load. In any case, the majority of ladies incline toward their men to ejaculate a colossal load inside them. They consider full load as an indication of profound affection, ripeness and masculinity of their men and as an indication of satisfaction.

Powerful Techniques to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

squirting-1131143_640Matters pertaining your girl’s pleasure and satisfaction must be given first priority during a steamy moment between the sheets. You are not supposed to face an uphill task when trying to satisfy her, since you literally have everything you need at your fingertips. Using your hands only, you can give her maximum pleasure and make her squirt. You should note that the vagina has numerous nerve endings that when appropriately aroused, can give a shivering orgasm. With the powerful techniques on how to finger a girl and make her squirt listed below, you are guaranteed of making her squirt.

The Rubber

For nearly all women, clitoris is the best part to stimulate. First, spread over water based lubrication on your fingers to make them wet and slippery. Start rubbing her clitoris slowly using the tips of you middle finger in circular and soft movement. Her body reaction will let you know if you are doing it the right way. Keep up with the same speed while increasing the speed gradually. Making it first will make your girl lose focus easily and kill her morale all together. If you are doing it the right way, she might react to express the pleasure. Some women like it when you move gradually from her clitoris to the vagina without her noticing it.

The Fastest Finger

This technique is most suitable for women who like to hop up and down when you are no top. If your girl is this type, you can push your middle finger in and out of her vagina at an increased speed to help her orgasm and squirt fast. To successfully pull this technique, it is wise to put yourself directly in front of your girl’s vagina. You will have to spread her legs open and kneel between them. This position makes it easy for you to keep your hand in a straight line as your finger goes in at full speed. This position will increase your chances of hitting the target.

The Helping Hand

Your girl will keep getting wetter when you use both your hands at different speeds. While some of your fingertips rub her clitoris in a circular movement, use your other hand’s middle and index finger to move smoothly in and out of her vagina. Multiple sensations will increase her chances of reaching an orgasm and finally squirting. Note that the whole process is not a race; therefore there is no need to be hasty. Maintain a stable rhythm and let her tell you if she wants it faster.

Have Fun and Do Not Force It

While it is everyone’s goal to make their women squirt, it is important to note that making her squirt can take some time. You will need a lot of patience, effort and time to practice. Do not force it even if it takes age; let your girl squirt naturally. Even with all the tricks, a woman may still have difficulties to squirt for the first time. However, once you have made her squirt for the first time, helping her squirt for the second time will be much easier.

Best Exercises to Shoot Your Cum Far

sperm-34808_640Man is made of ego and you would do anything to protect both your ego and your name. You would always yearn to do something big which not only will make you feel like a king but also will make your name memorable to those who have had a chance to interact with you. Sex is one the key areas that can be used to test and measure the ability of a real man. Regardless of how good you may perform in other areas of life such as career, delivering a lousy performance in bed can be quite frustrating. After enjoying being in for some moments, you would always wish to climax on a high note and the best way of doing it is by cumming farther.

Holding your cock to shoot heavy loads of cum on a woman will leave her with one big mark that nobody else will replace in her entire lifetime. The act will earn you great respect as it is a clear sign of control and dominance over woman, they love it when a man takes the lead. It is also a breath-taking sight to see and remember. Shooting your cum far is not a complex task that should be left to the experienced pornstars, you can also do it without going through any difficulties. Here are the best exercises that can help you to shoot your cum far.


When talking about matters of enhancing sexual performance, one term that cannot and will never be left out is kegel exercises. These exercises help to improve the way different sexual organs on both genders behave during sex. The exercises enable the PC muscles to be much stronger and tight making them capable of shooting the cum far. Kegels also help you to have much control of orgasm preventing by preventing the most dreaded and embarrassing premature ejaculation. Doing kegel exercises is much easy and you won’t need any special room nor a trained coach.

While in the washroom peeing, stand upright, hold your urine for about 3 second then release it. Repeat this procedure between 4 to 5 times a day and while doing it, do not involve your abdominal muscles nor suck your tummy inside. Also do not in any way try to tighten your butt while doing this exercise. Do this for a period of two weeks and you will be able to see the results. You will be able to shoot farther and at the same time you will have total control of how long you will last.

Flexing your PC

It is a form of kegel that doesn’t require you to be in the washroom or any hidden place. Just as you are going on with your normal activities such as walking, try to flex and hold your PC muscles for about 10 seconds then release it. If possible you can extend this to 2 minutes. The main aim of this exercise is to strengthen the PC so that it will be capable of shooting far.

Hold and Wait

Hold your loads of sperms moments when you are about to ejaculate. This will hold up the current load which will be backed up by another load of semen making it heavy. You can exercise this with urine by holding it for sometimes before releasing.