How Important is Sexuality in a Relationship

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image of a sexy adult woman with underwear in a provocative attitude

There has been a lot of talk recently about the role of sexuality in a relationship. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation like this; you are dating a woman, and things are going well. She’s fantastic to look at, and you are enjoying the fun times. One day, you wake up and notice that she’s not doing it for you anymore. The attraction has faded, and you are left with someone who is a bit of a stranger.

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How does this happen, and how do we prevent it?

We understand that there are several types of attraction. There is the physical part, which everyone knows. That tends to fade over time, no matter how good looking a woman can be.

For a man, I think it is little bit complicated. We are born to be problem solvers. So we look at what we don’t like about us and try to fix it. Unfortunately, a bit of that thinking leaks over into our relationships. It can be a bad thing, but know this – physical attraction can be re-sparked, and it’s a wonderful thing when it does.

Now, let’s look at the other components of sexuality. The next part has to do with physical closeness. A close companion to the first part, it has to do with exciting our sense of touch.

Have you ever been with a woman who merely had to touch you to get you excited? It can be thrilling. The touch says she wants you, is attracted to you, and later on loves you. It’s a reassuring feeling, and serves to deepen our caring about the other person.

The next part is little bit more complicated especially if you are dealing with low sperm count or a small dick. It has to do with our competence. In any relationship, you will have some sort of balance between the aspects each person brings forward. In general, you have people of the same ‘caliber’ attracted to each other. It’s a matter of what is important to them – intelligence, physical prowess and social skills.

A celebrity couple is a good example of how this works. Both sides have confidence in their own right, due to their stardom. The average guy off the streets would be massively intimidated. Not so with each other, so the fit is natural. This is the least influential quality I believe. Some celebrities are more grounded, and some people just don’t care or aren’t intimidated by the whole thing..

After that you have mutual liking. This is easier – if a person likes you, odds are you’ll like them, at least more than if they were apathetic towards you. One superfluous is neediness – this will cause the opposite effect.

The last part is the approval effect you have towards the other person. This can be confusing. Take a look at how you approve someone in a relationship. You might have similar likes, but you might behave in opposing manners and vice versa. It’s how you work together as a whole, but make sure she at least provides you with how to milk a prostate.

It is important to share your similarities and differences to have a super relationship.