One? It’s Just Enough!

Double Orgasms for MenI am not talking about how many rounds you can go, we both know that sometimes these rounds have intervals of more than half an hour as they grow less interesting with each round. Let us talk about you having a multiple orgasm, yes, a male multiple orgasm but if it makes you feel better, being able to cum twice in a row. Sounds interesting right, in fact you get to cum more than once without having to nag her in the middle of her after-sex-sleep about your bulging pants.

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If you are lucky enough to have a challenging woman, you won’t have to worry about getting tired and she passing by your best friend to talk about ‘best cucumber-selling store’s‘ in your neighborhood. However, like a good pussy, multiple orgasms are hard to have and need lots of training, something you will not find on your typical anime hentai collection.

First, you need to understand your ‘nut habits’. Is it when she clenches her muscles or when she grabs on your skin or simply after that long fast humping? This helps you identify your plateau phase of sexual cycle, whereby, you are at the peak of your excitement and the only thing left is to let those babies but please do not. In fact, pull out keep them in, enjoy your view and try to convince them that this world is not a place to rush into. Being able to restrain yourself from splashing too soon actually keeps you excited for a longer period, and postponing it creates a female like orgasms; continuous cumming.

Secondly, controlling your nut job can only be achieved by mastering your PC muscles. Why is it that you can not pee while cumming? When one attains control of these, you can allow yourself cum, then actually control the flow of semen and sustain more positions and styles with at least blessing your partner with a few juices at each point. Your pull-out game should be strong if you intent to achieve such. The trick is making sure you have a hard-time even after you just came and be ready to go on without her getting on her knees. Thirdly, is your mindset. Do you believe in quantity sex or quality sex? The latter will actually allow you to actually pick a partner who gives you a boner just by her looks, develop an encounter that is more sensual and emotional attaching. C’mon, no one goes for a round two on a girl he barely likes, not by want of reason but we’ll, there are hard times; we have been there. Setting the right mood, getting yourself relaxed and comfortable will actually enable you to be in a better position to achieve multiple orgasms. Imagine she told you that her cookie jar only serves a cookie at a time, you have to find a way to actually pick the best by staying in once in, hit all corners and spots and cum out with the best. You do not actually need to got 3 rounds, sometimes just one round is enough!