Powerful Techniques to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

squirting-1131143_640Matters pertaining your girl’s pleasure and satisfaction must be given first priority during a steamy moment between the sheets. You are not supposed to face an uphill task when trying to satisfy her, since you literally have everything you need at your fingertips. Using your hands only, you can give her maximum pleasure and make her squirt. You should note that the vagina has numerous nerve endings that when appropriately aroused, can give a shivering orgasm. With the powerful techniques on how to finger a girl and make her squirt listed below, you are guaranteed of making her squirt.

The Rubber

For nearly all women, clitoris is the best part to stimulate. First, spread over water based lubrication on your fingers to make them wet and slippery. Start rubbing her clitoris slowly using the tips of you middle finger in circular and soft movement. Her body reaction will let you know if you are doing it the right way. Keep up with the same speed while increasing the speed gradually. Making it first will make your girl lose focus easily and kill her morale all together. If you are doing it the right way, she might react to express the pleasure. Some women like it when you move gradually from her clitoris to the vagina without her noticing it.

The Fastest Finger

This technique is most suitable for women who like to hop up and down when you are no top. If your girl is this type, you can push your middle finger in and out of her vagina at an increased speed to help her orgasm and squirt fast. To successfully pull this technique, it is wise to put yourself directly in front of your girl’s vagina. You will have to spread her legs open and kneel between them. This position makes it easy for you to keep your hand in a straight line as your finger goes in at full speed. This position will increase your chances of hitting the target.

The Helping Hand

Your girl will keep getting wetter when you use both your hands at different speeds. While some of your fingertips rub her clitoris in a circular movement, use your other hand’s middle and index finger to move smoothly in and out of her vagina. Multiple sensations will increase her chances of reaching an orgasm and finally squirting. Note that the whole process is not a race; therefore there is no need to be hasty. Maintain a stable rhythm and let her tell you if she wants it faster.

Have Fun and Do Not Force It

While it is everyone’s goal to make their women squirt, it is important to note that making her squirt can take some time. You will need a lot of patience, effort and time to practice. Do not force it even if it takes age; let your girl squirt naturally. Even with all the tricks, a woman may still have difficulties to squirt for the first time. However, once you have made her squirt for the first time, helping her squirt for the second time will be much easier.