What is an Adonis Alpha Men?

Girl Who Loves Adonis AlphaThe tale began as Smyrna, the daughter of the king of Assyria, conceived a baby by him through the trickery. When the king found out he set out to kill the daughter and put an end to the madness. However, the gods intervened and helped the Smyrna. They changed the pregnant woman into a tree and nine months later a child was born out of a tree. His name was Adonis. The beauty of the young Adonis won her heart (or possibly because she was struck by the arrow of Eros). Aphrodite took in Adonis as a newly born. She then entrusted the child to Persephone. Enchanted by the child’s beauty herself, the daughter of Zeus, Persephone, refused to return Adonis to Aphrodite. The two goddess turned to war over the majestic, enchanting and beautiful child. The dispute ended when Zeus determined that Adonis would stay the one-third of a year with each of goddess and would spend the rest of the time wherever he chose.

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Adonis was half man and half god i.e. a demigod. In Greek myths and religions, Adonis has been portrayed as the ultimate in male beauty. His beautiful body is termed as the most beautiful masculine body ever achievable by man. According to Greek mythology, the many were jealous of Adonis as his beauty and majestic appeal won the actual love of the Aphrodite the goddess of the love and beauty.

It is even believed, yet no sure, that he was killed by Aphrodite’s lover, Ares as he was jealous of the love of Aphrodite for Adonis.

Adonis Complex:

Over the years the tales of Adonis’ body have turned into a complex. The modern day has coined the term Adonis Complex’ which is used to describe body image problems that have become a big issue for the modern day men. It is not a medical term or medical problem but is a psychological issue.

It is a complex prevalent in kids and men alike. The main reason for its widespread today is the portrayal of abnormal men’s fitness in the form of fitness models on all kinds of media alike.

With everyone pointing fingers at even an expanding waistline, the complex has spread and formed deep roots in our society.

The problem has increased today as even women fail to find men attractive due to the Adonis complex and idealize men with perfect bodies. This has even caused relationships to fail as over time the love fades away and looks start to matter.

As far as the perfect body goes, in reality, there is no such thing as The Adonis Alpha. It’s all in our heads. No one should be judged or loved based on their look alone. It is well said “looks can be deceiving” and this statement has stood the test of time. The masculine beauty displayed on television is not something natural rather it’s a part of their job. Those men have to look perfect.

So stop worrying about your body. You are perfect just the way you are and everyone should respect it.