Best Exercises to Shoot Your Cum Far

sperm-34808_640Man is made of ego and you would do anything to protect both your ego and your name. You would always yearn to do something big which not only will make you feel like a king but also will make your name memorable to those who have had a chance to interact with you. Sex is one the key areas that can be used to test and measure the ability of a real man. Regardless of how good you may perform in other areas of life such as career, delivering a lousy performance in bed can be quite frustrating. After enjoying being in for some moments, you would always wish to climax on a high note and the best way of doing it is by cumming farther.

Holding your cock to shoot heavy loads of cum on a woman will leave her with one big mark that nobody else will replace in her entire lifetime. The act will earn you great respect as it is a clear sign of control and dominance over woman, they love it when a man takes the lead. It is also a breath-taking sight to see and remember. Shooting your cum far is not a complex task that should be left to the experienced pornstars, you can also do it without going through any difficulties. Here are the best exercises that can help you to shoot your cum far.


When talking about matters of enhancing sexual performance, one term that cannot and will never be left out is kegel exercises. These exercises help to improve the way different sexual organs on both genders behave during sex. The exercises enable the PC muscles to be much stronger and tight making them capable of shooting the cum far. Kegels also help you to have much control of orgasm preventing by preventing the most dreaded and embarrassing premature ejaculation. Doing kegel exercises is much easy and you won’t need any special room nor a trained coach.

While in the washroom peeing, stand upright, hold your urine for about 3 second then release it. Repeat this procedure between 4 to 5 times a day and while doing it, do not involve your abdominal muscles nor suck your tummy inside. Also do not in any way try to tighten your butt while doing this exercise. Do this for a period of two weeks and you will be able to see the results. You will be able to shoot farther and at the same time you will have total control of how long you will last.

Flexing your PC

It is a form of kegel that doesn’t require you to be in the washroom or any hidden place. Just as you are going on with your normal activities such as walking, try to flex and hold your PC muscles for about 10 seconds then release it. If possible you can extend this to 2 minutes. The main aim of this exercise is to strengthen the PC so that it will be capable of shooting far.

Hold and Wait

Hold your loads of sperms moments when you are about to ejaculate. This will hold up the current load which will be backed up by another load of semen making it heavy. You can exercise this with urine by holding it for sometimes before releasing.