Wondering How to Get a Big Dick? Here Are Some Exercises That Will Help You Achieve It

Grow a Big Penis NaturallyIf you’re thinking about the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to get a big dick, you have come to the right place. Because that way is through exercise. Remember your dick is a muscle and all muscles can be made bigger and stronger through exercise. Below are the best exercises to build a big dick with guaranteed results.

The PC Flex
One of the most fundamental ways to get a big dick is through a technique known as the PC Flex. Not only will this exercise give you a bigger dick, it will also help you achieve better, longer-lasting erections. The PC Flex is a very simple exercise that you can perform anywhere. The PC muscle is the muscle that’s involved with the act of urination. When you squeeze your PC muscle, you will feel your anus tightening. Exercising this muscle increases blood to the dick and the more often you do this, then your dick will grow in length and girth to accommodate this change in behavior. To start with, perform this exercise for up to five minutes at a time. As you get more confident you can do extend these exercises to 30 minutes or more.

The ‘Okay’ Grip
We’re going to call this exercise the ‘Okay’ grip because it involves making the ‘Okay’ sign with your thumb and finger and encircling the head of your dick with it. Stretch you dick and hold it in that position for between 10 and 15 seconds, varying the direction in which you stretch it, i.e. left, right, up and down. Massage between each repetition to ensure blood flow to the dick.

Becoming aroused during the exercise will assist in the widening process. Use the ‘Okay’ grip around the base of your dick and concentrate on pushing the blood up to the head of the dick, then repeat the exercise with your other hand. Do this around 20 to 30 times for the first few days before doubling the frequency. Continue to increase the frequency every week or so until you reach 200 repetitions per exercise session.

Do these exercises for at least five days per week and at least ten minutes per day and you should notice a significant increase in the size of your dick in a short period? Obviously this is not an overnight solution for a small dick, but consistency, as well as persistence should bring about excellent results.

The Length Extender
The final exercise we will look at is called the Length Extender. This exercise stretches the erectile tissue surrounding the dick and encourages dick growth. You’ll see most of the benefits in length, rather than width. More importantly, this exercise is much safer than using weights for getting a bigger dick.

It’s best to do this method while sitting on the edge of a chair or couch. Take a firm grip of the head of your dick with one hand and start pulling directly in front of you with enough force to feel a good stretch, but not to cause you any pain. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for up to 10 times, increasing the intensity of the stretch each time.

Afterwards, it’s a good idea to slap your dick against your leg to get the blood flowing. This enables nutrients to flow into the dick and start the cell building process. Next take a tight grip on your dick again and this time rotate it in a circular motion to the left repetitively, and then to the right. You should repeat this at least five times for the best results.